Autism Caring Center Staff will act as adovates to promote inclusion and best practices. Staff will accompany parents and individuals at IEP meetings, court proceedings and meetings in other community settings such as employment meetings.


Autism training will be offered to schools, businesses and community groups who will request this service.  Training will be performed by the staff of the Autism Caring Center. This training will increase awareness and knowledge of the participants and enable them to better respond to the needs of the autism community

Social Opportunities

Family activities wil be held at various locations, throught Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to bring families together to socialize and share experiences. Events will be offered for participation of all age groups and  be offered free of charge.


Support Groups

Informative discussion groups will be held at various locations throughout Southwestern PA to those seeking support meetings.  Staff wil coordinated the meetings and provided educational sessionns and informational support to those who need it.

We are here for you!

We understand what the feeling of receiving the first diagnosis or just navigating the system.  We are commited to supporting families, training businesses and providing support.


Next Steps...

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